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Roots & Truths Vol 25 - Classic, Deep & Rare Roots Reggae

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Roots & Truths VolĀ 25

Goods:Ā A brand new promo CD

Music:Ā Volume 25 of the 'Roots & Truths' series

Released:Ā JAN 2021

Number of Tracks:Ā  22

CD Description:Ā A series dedicated to highlighting non-commercial vintage roots and culture reggae music, assembling them together creates a fantastic listen.Ā  This is not your everyday roots tunes, some of these tracks are rare, some are album cuts, some 7" and a few 10 & 12" dotted in the collection.Ā  Full of culture, reality, knowledge and upliftment.

Age of Music:Ā 70's-90's

Genres:Ā Classic & RareĀ Roots, Culture, Dub

Suitable for:Ā RootsĀ Fans (all levels), DJ's, Collectors

Audio Quality:Ā Audio from FLAC/WAV files

Duration:Ā 80 Mins

Product Description:Ā CDs are fully printed and brand new in plastic sleeves, wrapped in packs and are sealed with 'Promo CD' stickers. They are not available anywhere else, they are promotional cds, for Promotional use.Ā 

Tracklists for the disc is as follows:

Roots & Truths VolĀ 25 - Total Playtime = 76 minsĀ 41 secs
1. Mark Of The Beast - Peter Tosh, The Wailers (3:25)
2. If I Were You - The Royals (2:42)
3. How Long O Lord - Visionaires (3:02)
4. Never Run Away - Liberators (3:41)
5. Jah Praise - The Maytones (3:27)
6. The Moment Of Truth - Al Campbell (2:35)
7. Watches Over You - Pancho Alphonso (3:15)
8. Satta & Praise Jah - Frankie Jones (3:18)
9. Fade Away - Johnny Clarke (3:00)
10. Funeral (Naw Go A No) - Prince Alla (3:03)
11. Tired Of The System - Winston Jarrett (2:34)
12. Peace And Love - Black Uhuru (4:00)
13. Zion - Noel Ellis, Lone Ark (3:13)
14. Jah Jah Way - Sis Nya (3:33)
15. Coma Move On - Robbie Valentine (3:06)
16. Sentry - Knowledge (4:11)
17. Sanction - IJahman Levi (4:07)
18. Bad Habits - Twinkle Brothers (4:07)
19. Poor Jah People - Culture (5:42)
20. Jah Jah - Wailing Souls (3:45)
21. Praise The Name Of Jah - Johnny Clarke (4:04)
22. Peace & Love - The Royals (2:49)

What Is 'Roots & Truths'?
'Roots & Truths' is rammed full of vintage, classic, rare and underrated Roots & Culture music stretching all the way back to late 60's, the golden era of the 70's for roots, also the 80s which was rich with roots music.Ā  In the collection there are a handful of 90's/early 2000's roots tunes . The music is spiritual, sometimes deep, socially aware, reflective, full of reality and a great source of cultural vibes.

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