Empress Vibration 4 - Strictly strong Female Conscious/Roots Reggae Rockers CD


Empress Vibration 4 - Strictly strong Female Conscious/Roots Reggae Rockers CD

Product description

Empress Vibration 4

Goods: A brand new promo CD

Music: Female Roots & Culture music 'Empress Vibration 4'

Released: NOV 2021

Number of Tracks: 20 

CD Description: This whole series focuses on strong female voices empowered by Roots Reggae music. This particular disc carries sentiments from the early 70's right up to the present time in 2021.  Another deep & meaningful collection of music.  Each of these artists are well worth researching and discovering more of their catalogues.

Age of Music: 1979-2021

Genres: Roots Reality, Culture, Steppas

Suitable for: Conscious music collectors, Roots fans, Reality enthusiasts

Audio Quality: Audio from FLAC/WAV files

Duration: 79 mins

Product Description: CDs are fully printed and brand new in plastic sleeves, wrapped in packs and are sealed with 'Promo CD' stickers. They are not available anywhere else, they are promotional cds, for promotional use.

Tracklists for the disc is as follows:

Empress Vibration 4 - Total Playtime = 79 min 10 secs:
1. Intro - Lioness Fonts (2:13)
2. Sisters' Chant - Judy Mowatt (4:57)
3. Black Girl - Joy Card (3:07)
4. Rejoice ft Jah9 - Sara Lugo (4:30)
5. Scheme - Hempress Sativa (4:36)
6. New Name - Jah9 (4:30)
7. Ibration - Jahlifa (4:14)
8. Straight To The Point - Empress Ayeola (4:08)
9. Jah Lightning & Thunder - Aisha (3:10)
10. To Mount Zion - Awa Fall (3:19)
11. Strength Of My Soul - Christine Miller (3:39)
12. Hypocrites & Parasites - Queen Omega (3:50)
13. In These Times - Lioness Fonts (4:12)
14. Don't Want Nothing - Reemah (4:54)
15. Bun It - Kenya Eugene (4:14)
16. Inna Me Blood - Nadine Sutherland (4:06)
17. Selassie I Forever - Xana Romeo (4:00)
18. What Are Your Reasons - Marcia Aitkens (3:17)
19. Warrior Queen - African Woman (5:49)
20. A Change Is Gonna Come - Jennifer Lara (2:22)

What is 'Empress Vibration'?
As we put the spotlight on these strong female voices, listen how powerful a team of women with strong voices can really be.  The rythyms, lyrics and feelings put forward by the collection will be sure to thrill the listener.  Many of these artists have had succesful careers with one or two who have  just a handful of published songs.  There are rare gems, forgotten hits, new artists, reworked classics, brand new raw talent and a host of excellant ryhthms to explore.

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Packaging: Orders of quantity 4 CDs or less will be packaged and posted in cardboard sealed CD envelopes. Orders of 5 or more CDs will be packaged and posted in bubblewrapped envelopes. Larger orders 20+are sent as parcels.

Empress Vibration 4 - Strictly strong Female Conscious/Roots Reggae Rockers CD


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