Roots Lovers 9 a Revival One Drop CD featuring Lovers Lyrics on Roots Riddims


Roots Lovers 9 a Revival One Drop CD featuring Lovers Lyrics on Roots Riddims

Product description

Roots Lovers 9

Goods: A brand new promo CD

Music: Revival Various Top Class Artists 'Roots Lovers' 9th Edition

Released: OCT 2022

Number of Tracks: 22

CD Description: A consistent style of Lovers Lyrics on Rootical Riddims, to be enjoyed night or day, tunes mainly from the 1970's-90's although a few newer ones mixed in.  A very enjoyable style of reggae music!

Age of Music: 1973-2006

Genres: Roots Lovers, One Drops, Lovers Roots

Suitable for: Roots Lovers, One Drop Fans

Audio Quality: Audio from FLAC/WAV files

Duration: 78 mins

Product Description: CDs are fully printed and brand new in plastic sleeves, wrapped in packs and are sealed with 'Promo CD' stickers. They are not available anywhere else, they are promotional cds, for promotional use.

Tracklist for the disc is as follows:

Roots Lovers 9 – Total Playback = 78 mins 25 secs
1. A Little Bit More - Frankie Paul (3:23)
2. Is There A Thing Call Love - Gregory Isaacs (3:40)
3. When I Fall - Horace Andy (3:46)
4. She's My Woman - Dan Ian (3:42)
5. It's Time For Love - Owen Gray (3:14)
6. Love Without Feelings - The Heptones (2:50)
7. You Don't Want Me - Patrick Andy (3:29)
8. Hard To Be A Lover - Alton Ellis; The Heptones (4:24)
9. Get Wise Girl - Cornell Campbell (3:58)
10. Can't You Understand - Larry Marshall (2:51)
11. They Never Love - I Stings (2:43)
12. Complicated Love - Mike Brooks (2:56)
13. Cheater - The Gladiators (3:31)
14. Heart Made Of Stone - The Viceroys (2:57)
15. Trickster - Junior Delgado (3:07) 
16. Lonely - Alton Ellis (3:04)
17. Can't Give Up On Love - Horace Andy (3:57)
18. Should I - Dennis Brown (3:56)
19. Stormy Night - Willy Stepper (3:43)
20. Bless You - Alton Ellis (3:14)
21. Love Plea - Pancho Alphonso (5:04)
22. Stay Until Sunday - Tyrone Taylor (4:44)

What is 'Roots Lovers'?
Reggae is well known for its ability to carry and portray political, cultural and sometimes extreme messages in a way no other genre can do.  The construction of the riddims and melodies are infectious.  When you combine this with Lovers lyrics it offers a whole new experience.

Postage: UK (Inc Mainland Scotland & Northern Ireland) 1st Class Standard Royal Mail 48-hour Post. Worldwide using Royal Mail International. 

Packaging: Orders of quantity 4 CDs or less will be packaged and posted in cardboard sealed CD envelopes. Orders of 5 or more CDs will be packaged and posted in bubblewrapped envelopes. Larger orders 20+are sent as parcels.

Roots Lovers 9 a Revival One Drop CD featuring Lovers Lyrics on Roots Riddims


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