Smokers Delight Ep. 12 - Herbal Session Reggae

£2.20 £5.49 -60% OFF

Smokers Delight Ep. 12 - Herbal Session Reggae

£2.20 £5.49 -60% OFF
Product description

Smokers Delight Episode 12

Goods: A brand new promo CD

Music: Episode 12 of the 'Smokers Delight' series

Released: APR 2020

Number of Tracks: 22 

CD Description: The 'Smokers Delight' series offers the listeners a fantastic accompaniments to any herbal session, or background music on a chill, great for journeys, parties, gifts, also a great addition to any reggae collection.

Age of Music: Old skool & New skool 

Genres: Reggae, Roots, Dancehall, Vocal

Suitable for: Herbalists, Reggae Fans, Collectors, Smokers 

Audio Quality: Audio from FLAC/WAV files

Duration: 78 mins

Product Description: CDs are fully printed and brand new in plastic sleeves, wrapped in packs and are sealed with 'Promo CD' stickers. They are not available anywhere else, they are promotional cds, for promotional use.

Tracklists for the disc is as follows:

Smokers Delight (Ep.12) Total Duration = 78 mins 24 secs
1. The International Herb - Culture (3:18)
2. Pass The Kushempeng - Frankie Paul (3:30)
3. Burn It - Ras Fraser Jnr (3:21)
4. Pass Up The Chalice - Barry Brown (3:20)
5. Sensimillia - Leroy Smart (3:25)
6. Babylon Have The Nerve - Gentleman, Freddie McGregor, Publik Report (3:32)
7. Sensemelia Persecution - Buju Banton (4:01)
8. Ganja Farm - Beenie Man (3:26)
9. Guilty - Heavy Roots, Konshens (3:16)
10. Herbs Man - Zamunda (3:42)
11. After A Long Day At Work - Vitchous (4:20)
12. Bag Of Weed - Chezidek (3:00)
13. Marie - Talis (2:55)
14. Real High - Nitty Kutchie (3:21)
15. Mary Jane - Iya Champs (2:54)
16. Red Eye - Isha Bel (3:30)
17. Chalice - Norris Man (3:38)
18. Smoke Next To Me - Tuff Like Lion (3:13)
19. Backyard Sensi - Micah Shemaiah (4:06)
20. The Right Herb - Wayne Marshall (3:45)
21. Sensimillia Babe - Brown Sugar (4:01)
22. Sensimillia Love (Wonderful Feeling) - Faraji & Dwisdom (4:41)

What is 'Smokers Delight'? 
For a long time here has been a call to look at the medicinal benefits and uses of the cannabis plant. This message has been carried through music, words, sounds and power - none more so than in the reggae movement. These tunes combine classic with rare, new with old, hard with soft. A great session collection a hand picked reggae accompaniment, also a great addition to any reggae collection. These tunes reflect feelings, experiences and thoughts about smoking. Generally, being a taboo subject there is plenty of great quality music out there but is not being promoted. This series stands to change that.

Postage: UK (Inc Mainland Scotland & Northern Ireland) 1st Class Standard Royal Mail 48-hour Post. Worldwide using Royal Mail International. 

Packaging: Orders of quantity 4 CDs or less will be packaged and posted in cardboard sealed CD envelopes. Orders of 5 or more CDs will be packaged and posted in bubblewrapped envelopes.  Larger orders 20+are sent as parcels.

Smokers Delight Ep. 12 - Herbal Session Reggae

£2.20 £5.49 -60% OFF

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