Sweet Jamaica - Various Artists a Reggae CD for all who love Jamaica!!


Sweet Jamaica - Various Artists a Reggae CD for all who love Jamaica!!

Product description

Sweet Jamaica

Goods: A brand new promo CD

Music: 'Sweet Jamaica' - Various Artists

Released: MAY 2019

Number of Tracks: 24

CD Description: Any time you need reminding of the beautiful paradise island called Jamaica, give this disc a spin, and turn it up loud!.  Full of memories and nostalgic music that will thrill all ages and get you in a patriotic mood.  There are several festival songs on the disc, its a great, easy listen to.

Age of Music: 60's-Modern

Genres: Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Rubadub & Dancehall

Suitable for: All Reggae Fans

Audio Quality: Audio from FLAC/WAV files

Duration: 77 mins

Product Description: CDs are fully printed and brand new in plastic sleeves, wrapped in packs and are sealed with 'Promo CD' stickers. They are not available anywhere else, they are promotional cds, for promotional use.

Tracklist for the disc is as follows:

Sweet Jamaica - Total Playtime = 76 min 54 secs:
1. Bob Marley - Smile Jamaica (2:44)
2. Clancy Eccles - Sweet Jamaica (3:11)
3. Twinkle Brothers - Beautiful Jamaica (4:25)
4. Pioneers - Boss Festival (2:36)
5. Shenley Duffus - Peace (In Jamaica) (2:39)
6. Tinga Stewart - Play the Music (3:08)
7. Desmond Dekker & The Aces - Intensified (2:42)
8. The Maytals - Sweet & Dandy (3:06)
9. Desmond Dekker - A It Mek (2:20)
10. Eric Donaldson - Sweet Jamaica (3:14)
11. Toots & Maytals - Pomps & Pride (2:49)
12. Eric Donaldson - Land Of My Birth (3:03)
13. Hopeton Lewis & Chosen Few - Boom Shaka Laka (2:43)
14. Conquerors - National Dish (2:25)
15. Tony Rebel - Sweet Jamaica (3:31)
16. Early B - History Of Jamaica (3:17)
17. Admiral Bailey - No Way Better Than Yard (3:15)
18. Supercat - Jamaica Jamaica (3:38)
19. Singer J - Jamaica Land We Love (3:31)
20. Roy Rayon - Rise & Shine (3:43)
21. George Nooks - Sweet Sweet Jamaica (2:55)
22. Mr Vegas & Friends - Sweet Jamaica (4:04)
23. Natty King & Spectacular - Sweet Jamaica (5:02)
24. Tarrus Riley - Sweet Jamaica (2:43)

What is 'Sweet Jamaica'?
Whenever you need a reminder of the stunning paradise known as Jamaica, simply pop in one of the 'Sweet Jamaica' CDs, hit play, and crank up the volume! Packed with nostalgic tunes and traditional melodies, this collection will delight everyone and ignite a sense of national pride. From festive tracks to easy-going beats, these albums are the perfect way to get into the island spirit.

Sweet Jamaica - Various Artists a Reggae CD for all who love Jamaica!!


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