Sweet Memories - Various Artists - Lovers, Vocal & Rubadub (Sweet Series) 2024


Sweet Memories - Various Artists - Lovers, Vocal & Rubadub (Sweet Series) 2024

Product description

Sweet Memories

Goods: A brand new promo CD

Music: 'Sweet Memories' the 13th disc of the 'Sweet Series'

Released: JAN 2024

Number of Tracks:  21

CD Description: The Sweet Series is lovers, rubadub & reggae songs that you will be familiar with if you are a dance goer.  These are the golden, timeless tunes that can be enjoyed, listened & danced too time & time again. Reggae evolution has established strongly identified sub-genres, with emergence of lots of talent and fuelled by the peoples yearning for 'peoples' music, Rubadub, Riddim Section, Lovers Rock, Dancehall Lovers and more all form part of that.

Age of Music: Ranged 1990-2020

Genres: Reggae, Lovers Rock, Rubadub

Suitable for: Reggae Fans (all levels), DJ's, Party Goers

Audio Quality: Audio from FLAC/WAV files

Duration: 79 mins

Product Description: CDs are fully printed and brand new in plastic sleeves, wrapped in packs and are sealed with 'Promo CD' stickers. They are not available anywhere else, they are promotional CDs, for Promotional use. 

Tracklist for the disc is as follows:

Sweet Memories - Total Playtime = 78 min 29 secs
1. Lukie D - My Dreams (3:39)
2. Thriller U - Be Good To Me (3:47)
3. Pliers - Some Say I'm A Fool (3:32)
4. Frankie Paul - We Got It (3:59)
5. Richie Stephens - It's So Sweet (Loving You) (3:44)
6. Buju Banton - Love Sponge (3:39)
7. Cocoa Tea - Come Love Me (3:18)
8. Lukie D - Close Your Eyes (3:46)
9. Al Campbell - I'm A Man In Love (3:08)
10. Richie Davies - Give Me A Little Loving (3:48)
11. Da'Ville - There You Go Baby (4:19)
12. Sanchez - Sha-La-La - (3:48)
13. Voicemail - Memories By The Score (2:45)
14. Turbulence - Ready Now (4:03)
15. Morgan Heritage - Faithful (4:18)
16. Duane Stephenson - Crying Out (3:58)
17. Lymie - Lonely Thoughts (3:42)
18. Tony Curtis - Have I Told You (3:41)
19. Kafenol - Loverboy Ses (3:50)
20. Tami Chynn - I Wanna Give You Everything (3:47)
21. Beres Hammond - See You Again (3:53)

What is the 'Sweet Series'?
Discover the timeless tunes of Sweet Memories - Various Artists - Lovers, Vocal & Rubadub (Sweet Series) 2024. This collection features popular rubadub, reggae, and lovers songs that are beloved by dance enthusiasts. From the rhythmic beats of Dancehall Lovers to the soulful melodies of Lovers Rock, each sub-genre represents a unique evolution in the reggae world. Immerse yourself in the people's music and experience the talent that fuels this beloved genre.

Sweet Memories - Various Artists - Lovers, Vocal & Rubadub (Sweet Series) 2024


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sweet memories lovers cd

this seller always delivers the top music what more can i say happy to keep being a customer of this seller

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